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Sustainable Sites:

•Exterior lighting power density 54% lower than ASHRAE 90.1 Standard Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency:

• 61% less indoor water use than a code-compliant building
• 51% less landscape water use than a typical building

Materials and Resources:

• 77% of our Construction/Demolition waste was recycled
• 35% of the value of our construction materials came from recycled content materials
• 48% of our construction materials were locally harvested and manufactured.

Indoor Environmental Quality:

• Over 95% of regularly occupied spaces were daylit
• We achieved 14 of 15 IEQ points.

PV Array and Energy:

• Building will produce 110% of its total energy needs with on-site solar
• Owner will purchase RECs for 70% of buildings hypothetical grid electricity demand
• Building will produce over 400,000 kWh per year of clean, distributed renewable energy
• Airplane process loads will be powered by solar charging carts, avoiding jet fuel consumption and improving air quality

Other Notable Features:

• Sustainable polished concrete floor lacking toxic epoxy finish
• State of the Art Hi-Fog fire suppression system using a reduced amount of water to suppress fire, rather than a toxic foam system or water suppression system using considerable amounts of water.
• 7 “Big Ass Fans” for cooling the building in warm weather and circulating warm air in cooler temperatures


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